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Thomas Brown encountered woodworking by answering a help-wanted ad in the Baltimore Sun that turned out to be an apprenticeship at Renaissance and Medieval Stringed-Instrument Making under James Cox, a Luthier who is still practicing his craft in the area. He worked at several woodshops, notably the important firm of Knipp & Co., gravitating toward architectural joinery and millwork.
In January of 1991 Tom was married to his wonderful wife Kathleen, and in the same month gave notice to his last employer and opened his first shop as Thomas Brown, Woodwright LLC. Within a year he employed a few other craftsmen who had been laid off during the economic downturn of ’92, and then moved the shop to its present location in ’95. Today the shop still has a relatively small staff, but they are among the most dedicated and naturally skilled folks anywhere.


Thomas Brown, Woodwright has been at the forefront of quality in architectual millwork in Baltimore since its inception. There have been many changes in the industry since then but one thing that never changes is the need for reliable, quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Our work for you is done as carefully as we would want if we were paying for it.


We have a particular interest in sustainable practices because we understand that the timber industry, if not environmentally sensitive, is a significant factor in the degradation of the health and biodiversity of the planet. We use recyclable products, energy-saving lighting, and sustainability-certified materials whenever possible.

Thomas Brown

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“I am dedicated to helping preserve the historic integrity not only of America’s physical heritage, but also the tools and techniques that created it.”